• Exclusivity (only one advertiser per business category) – Block out your competition with our exclusive business category guarantee! For example, if you are a plumber with an ad in one of our papers, you will be the only plumber that can advertise in that edition. If you are an electrician with an ad, you’ll be the only electrician.
  • Above average renewal rate – Since our debut a few years ago, we have averaged close to a 70% renewal rate with our advertisers.  In the ad business, anything above 50% is good.  Bottom line, advertising with The Weekly Paper works.
  • Distribution – The Weekly Paper can be found in over 50 high-traffic locations throughout each community we’re in, which means more visibility and exposure for your business!
  • Affordability – We have lower overhead costs than other publications, which enables us to offer very competitive ad rates.
  • Random ad rotation in every issue – Ads are randomly selected and positioned in every issue so that no one single advertiser always has the best spots.
  • Continuity from ad to ad – All of our ads are 2″ x 3″, which means that one ad won’t get overshadowed by another larger-sized ad.
  • No production costs – We’ll create your ad for you at no additional charge.  And if you want to run a special or place a coupon in your ad, no problem!
  • Presence – The Weekly Paper not only reaches the majority of your potential customers, it also boost the results of any other advertising mediums you use by keeping your company name and brand in front of potential customers week after week.
  • Additional exposure on the internet – All advertisers are listed on our website.